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About us

Karibu Safaris in Kenya is a local owned tour operator in East Africa with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. We have a diverse knowledge of the tourism products in this region including wildlife safaris, mountain climbing, beach holidays ,family packages, student packages and other tailor­ made itineraries. We also arrange private, custom tours, group tours (including business/ corporate), donation/ fund-raising tours, and incentive tours. Depending on the size of your group each person can receive a group discount and/or the group leader can travel for FREE!!! .


We can customize your tour to match your specific needs and budget. We can also design tours to generate donations/funds for your non-profit organization, or to motivate employees to achieve business goals. With over a decade of experience specializing in African travel we negotiate the best group rates with domestic (destination country) airlines, first-class hotels, exclusive ecolodges and fine restaurants. Our experienced workforce knows East Africa. They will work closely with you or your organization to address all concerns before your scheduled departure. We assure satisfaction throughout your travels with us.